Monday, February 11, 2013

notes of support

Just wanted you to know you have been on my mind recently my friend. Read your blog, and we sure have a thread in common. I admire where you have brought yourself to. Never stop believing, never give up hope. God bless you in all you do Mike.
I sure wish I could see you one more time. Neither one of us is getting any younger?

Gaye S

I enjoyed reading your blog. My oldest daughter was addicted to alcohol too for many years. She went into treatment three times and I believe has overcome least for today but not before she almost died. She is active in AA in Austin. She has been sober for almost 4 years now. I know how hard it is and I am proud of her
And you.

·         January 31 2011

It was great talking with you tonight, it really was...I hope we get to do this again soon... Thanks for letting me go on about the forgotten foundation, I really did not mean to get off on that rabbit trail...These guys are friends of my son's and I have gotten to know them (long story we will save it for another time) but it nails what we were talking about, as far as being here to lean on and support each other...But I am so proud of what these guys have done, and are doing.
For that matter, thanks for sending me the link to your blog, I am proud of what you are doing, and want to hear more…
Which reminds me, I was going to send you my email address

I do not do the blog thing, but am willing to learn
Thanks again for your time tonight it was good to hear you are doing well!
Thank You for sharing your life with me. Your story is alot like mine it all started with abuse, neglect, no self worth, anger, hate, fear, resentment, no respect for authority.


I read the entire blog as soon as I opened it early yesterday.  As a mother who is in love with and 
very involved in my children's and grandchildren's lives, it breaks my heart to hear your story.  
Also to know there is an epidemic of it in the world today.  It has definitely had me in deep 
I'll continue to read your posts.  I have kept you in my prayers.


Sadie M
I would like to send your posts to R, now, while he’s at Alina, I think it’s important for him
to hear your story…..are you okay with that, your thoughts?

Bill K
Hi Mike,

Wow, what a powerful story you have shared so far in your blog.  Your insights are amazing.  I can see how 
and why things are now becoming so clear for you.  It seems that you have gained a perspective that helps 
you make sense of things, and brings you gratitude for life as it is today. Awesome.    Quite a journey and a 
great story of recovery.  Thanks for sharing.

Let's go tee it up. 


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Jan O
to me
Thank you, Michael, for including me on your blogspot.  I appreciate your honesty.


Collin P
Hey.  I read your blog about 5 days in Connecticut.  Some of it I knew, and when I was in your office eons 
ago, I could tell something was wrong and that there was great strain in your family.

I have my own slightly colored family history, but nothing like your story.  So to a certain extent I can 
empathize with the father problems.

I just wanted you to know that I read your story and that I am very happy and proud that you found peace 
and happiness -- a feat not shared by many.  

Let me know when you want to get together.  Let's do it soon, although my fiancĂ© is going to be at dinner
with her sister this Saturday.

Take care, my friend.


  1. Michael,

    I grew up in the Midwest with a older brother and 3 sisters, me being the oldest of the girls. Our father was a self-absorbed, egomaniac, and still is to this today. He does not care about his children other than how they make him look. He gives no notice to the grandchildren or great grandchildren unless his friends are present. Our mother left him after 30 years of marriage, taking nothing because he threatened her. She died at 59, penniless.

    While growing up he physically abused my brother and I. He had no regard for his daughters. Although he had money, he never helped any of us financially. Always threatening to cut us out of his will. He felt the men his daughters were marrying should provide. He mentally and physically abused my brother to the extent it still has affects on him. My brother is now 55, married and divorced three times with one child he has never laid eyes upon. He was addicted drugs at one point. My brother is doing well today only after realizing that he had to cease all communication with our father. I have confronted him about the abuse, but, like any egomaniac, he always had a reason for his actions, blaming us as children.

    I, myself, have my own demons and struggle each day with depression. I am fortunate in that I am married to a wonderful man. I am childless however, having always been fearful of the cycle of abuse and wanting to break the chain.

    Having a parent who is only concerned with themselves is exhausting to say the least. My only fear about my father is that if he was this bad during the prime of his life, how bad is he going to be when he is old since he seems to be getting more self-absorbed the older he gets.

    The one thing I have learned is that a zebra cannot change their stripes for they are incapable of looking in the mirror and recognizing themselves.


  2. Stick with it Mike. You have every right to express yourself in this wonderful blog. Nobody can stop you.

    1. Marina, sadly, you're mistaken - in America, today, if enough money is thrown at something it can be accomplished, if only temporarily. My father has now paid 3 law firms $3+ million dollars, to stop me from telling the truth, forcing me to remove most of the blog content, for now. The case is set for trial in April 2014, at which time the truth will be exposed, in its entirety, for all to see, openly, in a court of law.